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FOX Hookah
We produce hookahs, bowls, mouthpieces and coasters.
We are tobacco distributors.
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Кальяны и чаши FOX
To hell with compromises
In our own manufacture we strive to create a perfect product and we do it. We love what we do and do not agree with compromise.

What does FOX produce?
10 top FOX bowls that don't leak!
We produce our own bowls with oval and flat bottoms, tobacco phunnels with an increased amount of syrup
High-quality hand-made Hookahs FOX
Stainless steel of the highest quality, decoration of precious wood, epoxy resin and restored wood.
FOX mouthpieces
Our branded and popular mouthpieces.Available in 3 colors to match the stem.
FOX stand “Desk v2.0”
Convenient functional hookah stand with a double-sided holder for the mouthpiece.
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Why do our customers love FOX?
Own manufacture. We strive to create a perfect product. No compromise.
It's advantageous.
The optimized production process makes it possible to offer excellent wholesale prices without "driving up" retail prices.
Proven quality
More than 57,000 bowls sold (in 2019). More than 100 regular wholesale customers and thousands of users all over Russia who appreciated the quality of FOX products.
Bowls last 30% longer. They retain their properties longer and are less fragile.
Own production of bowls, hookahs, coasters and mouthpieces provides clear and predictable delivery times.
Handmade work. Stylish craft appearance. Wooden lining of the shaft, mouthpiece and stand create a perfect composition and will not leave anyone indifferent.
High-quality threaded and o-ring connections, complete tightness and easy maintenance of the hookah provide maximum pleasure from using our products.
Contact us
We are always happy to communicate with our clients and are open to cooperation and suggestions.

tel.: +7 (903) 400 11 55
email.: sales@foxhookah.com

Rostov-on-Don, st. Orskaya 14/4
IE Ovchinnikov Alexander Vitalievich
TIN 616613881425
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